1. A detailed analysis of the art portfolio with the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the artist's work with the participation of three specialists. (1 zoom – consultation lasting 60 minutes). Cost - 15.000 rubles.

2. Analysis and correction of the artist statement. Development of topics and development of the concept of creativity. (1 zoom – consultation lasting 60 minutes. Creating an up-to-date artist statement, writing an art history concept of the artist’s work). Cost - 15.000 rubles.

3. Analysis and analysis of the technical part of the creation of works. Recommendations for systematizing the process and additional tools. (Online consultation with Sofia Akimova duration 60 minutes). Cost - 10.000 rubles.

4. Express consultation (zoom). Portfolio analysis + analysis and correction of the artist statement - 20.000 rubles.

5. Offline consultation with three consulting specialists: portfolio analysis + analysis and correction of the artist statement + analysis and analysis of the technical part of the creation of works - 30.000 rubles.
Our services
Subject to the implementation of all the recommendations received during the consultation and the writing of a series of relevant works, we offer the following services to support the career of an artist. (Available with curatorial support). The cost per month is 50,000 rubles.

1. Creating a portfolio in PDF format, writing a BIO, CV, artist statement and adjusting the portfolio depending on the host institution.
2. Selection of relevant open calls, submission of applications for competitions, fairs, portfolio correction depending on the subject of competitions.
3. 2 consultations per month with specialists from the Third Floor Gallery agency. (Online or offline, at the request of the artist).
4. Submission of applications to print and online publications to cover the work of the artist (with his consent). Additional costs may apply when cooperating with commercial publications.
5. Communication with specialists from Mon to Sat, from 10.00 to 19.00 for any clarifying questions

The duration of curatorial support depends on the timing of the implementation of the recommended actions by the artist. (Consulting, creating sketches, references and writing papers). The recommended follow-up period is from three months.

As a result of joint work, the artist's work is structured and becomes visible on the Russian art scene. There are new commercial offers, sales of works are possible. There are more opportunities to participate in Russian and foreign art fairs. Also, we offer the organization and support of personal exhibitions of the artist in art spaces and galleries in Moscow. Available for a separate cost, terms are discussed.