Dinner "bye-bye 2022!"

Magic and miracles cannot be undone. Their time is coming. We invite you to spend a beautiful New Year's Eve together in a circle of people whose positive energy will definitely keep us warm!
December 21, we are waiting for a special, women's holiday from our partners Soft law community ✨🥂

We will try very tasty food.
The chef selected figs, salmon, shrimp, pears, roast beef, sweet potato, pâtés and hummus for us to prepare "journey trips" of enchanting places and fond memories.

We will fill glasses with ice drinks from leading Russian winemakers.
The incomparable Gertrud Kuznetsova, a lawyer for Russian wine, once said: “In any incomprehensible situation, bet on rose.” And we did! The combination of sparkling and still, white and rosé wines, specially selected by Gertrude, the bubbles partner of the evening, will be complemented by a “signature” cocktail from the Salute bar team.

We will talk.
How by the power of small steps we managed to grow from a circle of personally known friends into a community of women who share common values; How useful are mentors for adults? what each of us can take for ourselves and what each of us can share ...

In the community, if the conversation is frank!
For example: do you have a secret passion? On December 21, we will reveal our own - desserts from the confectionery studio of Zara Zurabyan, who is the "guilty pleasure" partner of the evening.

We will dress up!
The whole evening with us are representatives, ambassadors of beauty and fashion partners: international brands and Russian designers.

And, of course, give gifts!
That's not all. Looking forward to it will be fun.